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The Ultimate Backstage Pass - for the non-musician man or woman who always wanted to come to Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp! You will participate in the Q&A sessions and watch the amazing jams and performances with JERRY CANTRELL & MIKE INEZ of ALICE IN CHAINS and DEAN & ROBERT DELEO of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS along with our incredible rock star counselors. Learn what goes on behind the scenes with our production crew and hear road stories from our infamous rock star counselors. Attend master classes where you will learn what determines tickets prices, how much the artists get paid and more inside information on the music industry. Get a lesson on the instrument of your choice. Attend the opening night party and all-star counselor jam as well as the live performances at Lucky Strike and the Whisky A Go Go on the legendary Sunset Strip. Plus we'll take you on a tour of infamous Hollywood Blvd!

Package details:

  • Watch the jams and performances with JERRY CANTRELL AND MIKE INEZ OF ALICE IN CHAINS & DEAN AND ROBERT DELEO OF STONE TEMPLE PILOTS in our private facility.
  • This is a very exclusive opportunity...only a small number of people are allowed to participate. It's up close and personal - closer than if you were in the first few rows at an arena performance!
  • The interaction with the Rock Camp participants is one-of-a-kind. It's night and day to a "meet & greet". It's a dream come true for all evolved.
  • Contact with Camp Coordinator to discuss what your interests are and what you want to learn or experience at camp
  • Your Camp Coordinator is your "concierge" to creating the experience you've only previously dreamed of. Imagine a world famous rock star giving you your very first music lesson on an instrument of your choice. Tell us what rock & roll fantasy is - we will do our best to make it happen within the parameters of the camp.
  • Attend various master classes/Q&A's and lectures with professional managers, agents, lawyers, record company executive, touring professionals and more
  • Many attendees say that Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp should be called Rock & Roll REALITY Camp. Why? The access to industry professionals in nearly every category of the industry is provided for your experience. In 4 days, you'll have the opportunity to make more relevant connections than many others make in a lifetime.
  • Spend 4 days with your road manager who will guide you through your rock camp experience
  • Your road manager's only job is to make sure you have fun and go home with stories to share for a lifetime.
  • Personal Lesson from a Rock Star on the Instrument of Your Choice
  • The difference at Rock Camp is that you just might be taught by the artist who wrote or performed on the song!
  • Learn behind the scenes with production crew to help with set up, learn about sound production, and on stage production
  • In this day and age, Music and Technology come together. Learning how it all works makes music even more enjoyable. Next time you see a huge sound board, you'll actually know what the engineer is doing. Knowing is MUCH more fun!
  • Attend all-star counselor jams
  • Every Rock Camp has an all-star counselor MEGA BAND. This band is put together with top talent in the industry, and the result is several performances that are nothing short of amazing. Imagine being just a few feet away from a host of rock legends... the experience is unforgettable!
  • Lunches with behind-the-scenes stories and Q and A's by our rock stars
  • This is NOT pizza and pop with your local garage band. This is delicious and nutritious meal with stories from rocks stars you won't read in any magazine. The conversation is unforgettable. Go ahead, ask questions...that's why you're here!
  • Autographs and photos for lifetime memories
  • If you've ever been backstage or been invited to a "meet & greet", you know the drill. It's a 30 second event that goes something like this: "Hi Nice to Meet You". Then the photographer says "smile". Click, flash..it's over. The difference between that and OUR experience is there's really no "backstage". It's 4 days of out-in-the-open fellowship between professional rock stars and campers. Hundreds of photo opportunities... what until your friends see you on Facebook posting photos "as they happen". It's unreal... and yet real... at the same time
  • Access to all meet and greets with special guests
  • "As I write these very words for you, I can tell you "I did this". My iphone has over 300 rock camp photos on it...and that's afterdeleting the several that were less than awesome. I met and chatted with so many music industry pros in 4 days I lost count. In my personal expereince I met, got photos, and had conversations with Gene Simmons, Sebastian Bach, Lita Ford, Tommy Thayer, Rudy Sarzo, Vinny Appice, Scott Ian, Steve Stevens...plus one of my all time favorite players - Steve Morse."
  • Attend opening night party and concert
  • You've never been to a show and party like this! First, you just can't buy tickets to it. It's a private, intimate event with a very small number of guests only. These guests all want what you want... an amazing, fun and memorable experience. There's not the typical "lack or respect for others" you get a concert. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. In a matter of hours you'll know many of the other campers by name, and will be encouraging one another to have fun...all while a sense of what was happening began to materialize. We were all "really" here. You'll have to pinch yourself to prove it.
  • Attend the performance at LUCKY STRIKE
  • Ticket to live performance at WHISKY A GO GO
  • Tour of Rock and Roll historic landmarks in Los Angeles
  • Discount tix to Universal Studios
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