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Clients Include:

Florida Business Development Corporation
Kia Motors
People Magazine
Time Inc.
Grant Thornton

What is Team Rock Stars?

An engaging, high-energy activity that unleashes creativity, improves communication, encourages collaboration and reinforces team-building skills! The experience delivers immediate results to your business while creating lasting memories for your employees and clients. Our program can be tailored to fit your company's specific needs, budget, time limit, group size and any other specifications. Our Team Rock Stars program can be produced at your meeting site of choice - hotel, club, convention hall, company headquarters, etc.

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Our Program

Team Rock Stars amps up the impact of any corporate event---and adds that "wow" factor your people will never forget! We will work with you to design a program --- a new product launch, corporate training, or celebration that really rocks! Not only do we offer our award-winning team-building program, we offer celebrity rock star Q&A sessions, big-name entertainment and all-star bands for corporate functions and private VIP events.

Corporate campers singing

How the Team Rock Stars Team Building Program works

We group participants into "band" teams, and each is assigned a celebrity rock star to coach them through the experience. These rock stars have sold millions of records, performed in front of thousands of fans and thrived in the most challenging of all team settings --- a rock band! We select the best of these rock stars that know how to coach the interpersonal skills that are key to business success.

Each "band" will go to a separate room with their rock star, where they will collectively rewrite the lyrics to a hit song. Ideally they will write about particular topics that they have been focusing on during your event, their products or services or company message, or you can leave it up to your attendees to pick their own topics. The creativity and collaboration really starts to kick in!

Below is a list of songs that have been rewritten at previous events and can be used at yours, or you can suggest other songs that you would like to use. We can help choose songs that best fit your attendees.

  • Adele - Someone Like You
  • Bruno Mars - Grenade
  • Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball
  • George Thorogood - Bad to the Bone
  • Whitesnake - Here I Go Again
  • Beyonce - Single Ladies
  • KISS - I Want To Rock 'n' Roll All Night
  • The Monkees - I'm A Believer
  • Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass
  • Guns N' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle
  • The Beatles -- A Hard Days Night
  • Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - I Love Rock 'n' Roll
  • Beach Boys - Good Vibrations
  • Aerosmith - Livin' On The Edge
  • Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger
  • Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
  • The Who - My Generation
  • Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love
  • Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Corporate high-fivers

And just like any other band, they will need to choose a band name, rehearse, and choreograph their upcoming performance.

Once the songwriting and preparations are complete, each band will perform their new hit song, live in front of their co-workers, backed by the entire rock star band!

The event will conclude with a full concert performed by the rock stars. Your employees are encouraged to join the band at any time, whether they play an actual instrument, want to sing background, or just rock out on their best air guitar - this is all about releasing your employees inner rock star, so they return to your company revitalized, refreshed and ready to rock for you!

With Team Rock Stars, everyone is a star---no musical experience is necessary. All attendees can take on a performing role in the program, whether they're singing, playing an instrument, or just tapping a tambourine. Those less comfortable in the limelight can assume a supporting role such as writing song lyrics or designing a band logo. No one is left of this engaging and fun team-building event!

Your people will learn lessons from the performing arts, improve their communication and collaboration skills and gain insights about themselves, colleagues and customers, develop leadership skills and so much more that will help them shine and help you achieve your corporate goals.

Program Benefits

  • Develops leadership skills.
  • Ignites the inner rock stars of your company.
  • Delivers the excitement of interaction with the celebrity.
  • Creates an environment to build trust.
  • Builds camaraderie.
  • Improves communication skills through musical expression.
  • Encourages collaboration.
  • Reenergizes your employees.

We also offer:

Celebrity Rock Star Q & A Sessions

David Fishof (center) hosts a Q&A with Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon (left) and Simon Kirke of Bad Company (right)

Your next corporate event is a great opportunity to have rock stars answer questions on topics that they never discussed in public before including their successes, mistakes and lessons they've learned throughout their career. These rock star celebrities have achieved huge success in branding and marketing while collaborating with various teams, and they know what has worked and what hasn't. Celebrities can show your people how to get motivated and succeed in a competitive market. These rock bands are still selling out venues around the country, even as some of them approach their 40th or 50th anniversaries and there is a lot to learn. Someone on your corporate team can emcee the event or we can provide a host from our business leaders and with prearranged questions, and we can gear the presentation as a motivational event. While you've had many motivational speakers in the past having a rock star celebrity is a great way to learn and get your people super-motivated and excited to learn.

Big Name Corporate Entertainment - Celebrity Appearances

Actor Rick Schroder at one of our Red Carpet Events, Actor Jeremy Piven at our SAG Awards Event, Celebrity Chef, Guy Fieri hosts one of our events

If your looking to secure major entertainment for any corporate event, Team Rock Stars has associations with some of the biggest names in the music world from the past 30 years. You will be amazed at the famous musicians who are available for your special event. Team Rock Stars will not only organize the sound, lights and staging, we can accommodate personal meet-and-greets for top executives and customers. Please call us to compare process as we have a celebrity division.

Music for Corporate Events - Booking a Band or Rock Star

for Corporate and Private Parties

Sammy Hagar addresses the crowd at one of our events

For over 30 years we have produced worldwide tours for the biggest names in rock and organized all-star bands for private events. Our relationships and expertise in the music business allow us to assemble the best musicians at an affordable cost for your event. If you are looking to recognize, reward or show appreciation to employees or clients, there is no better wan to do so than with the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp Corporate Party package. Imagine rock stars milling about over cocktails, meting your key people, signing autographs ad posing for photos with your VIPs. Picture a rock star at every table during dinner. Following dinner, our rock stars will perform a private concert. And if you have a CEO, employee, or client that can play an instrument, we'll have him/her join and jam with the All-Star band!

Sample All Star Band (from left): Rudy Sarzo, bassist of Quiet Riot; Kip Winger of Winger; David Rosenthal, Keyboardist for Billy Joel; Sebastian Bach, lead singer of Skid Row; Lita Ford; Rod Morgenstein, drummer Dixie Dregs; Teddy Andreadis, keyboardist for Guns N' Roses; John Moyer, bassist of Disturbed. These guys will rock any function or party.

Frequently-asked questions:

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  • Is this an affordable program?

    Our program is VERY AFFORDABLE. Contrary to popular belief, rock and roll doesn't have to be excessive or expensive. Our program starts at $199 per person. To save on costs, we have access to rock star musicians all over the world. This will cut out the expense of hotels, airline tickets, etc.

  • What size groups do you work with?

    Our program can accommodate groups from 20 people to 500 people or more.

  • Where does the program take place?

    The program can take place at any club, venue, hotel, convention center, office space, etc., in any city worldwide. There will just need to be space for each group to do the songwriting and a final performance area.

  • Are there special roles for the executives at our company?

    We can set up the program to work like "American Idol" where the company executives can be "the judges" and award prizes, if you would like. Or they can be performing or non-performing "band" members. We find that Team Rock Stars is a great opportunity for the executives to get to know their employees, and vice versa.

  • How much time do we need for this program?

    The program can be adjusted to fit any schedule, with a minimum of 3 hours in a single day, and available across multiple days. We can custom tailor our program to fit your needs.

  • Is any musical experience required?

    No, there is absolutely no musical experience required. We provide tambourines, shakers and other props the attendees can use during their rehearsal and performances. Additionally, band "teams" include both performing and non-performing roles such as songwriting, logo design, band management, choreography, and so on.

  • Is there any special gear required?

    Not necessarily. Sound and lights and backline gear can add to the richness of the experience. Many venues will already have this in-house, and if not, we can rent this from a local production company. The program can also be done acoustically, which won't require backline gear (drum kits, amplifiers, etc.). We recommend having computer monitors set up to display the newly written song lyrics.

  • Can the program be customized?

    Yes, our program can be customized to suit your needs, schedule and goals. We have experts in corporate event design who are ready to discuss exactly what you are looking to achieve, including special requests, and will help you design an event that delivers your desired results to creates lifetime learning and memories.

  • What is my ROI?

    Team Rock Stars can turn any corporate event into a true learning experience that engages, informs and develops interpersonal skills such as collaboration, communication, leadership, innovation, conflict resolution, influence and persuasion. Adding a Team Rock Stars component will enliven your meeting and develop new behaviors that increase productivity, improve employee engagement and drive business performance. And unlike many traditional team-building interventions, Team Rock Stars benefits continue long after our program is over. Your employees will connect and bond as they work with each other during the songwriting and performance, and becoming a "band". Band=team, high spirited, energized, creative and ready to perform and achieve.

    This program can be brought to your employees as a one of a kind experience, as no one else offers what TEAM ROCK STARS offers.

What the Clients are saying about Team Rock Stars

  • Corporate campers
  • "Thank you to you and your team for an incredible Rock Camp at our Soul Media Event down in San Diego. For those journalists who participated, they said it was 'an experience of a lifetime'. They never want to go on another car maker's event because ours could not be topped. Your team did a great job bringing them all together and helping them achieve something they never thought they could."

    Michael Sprague, Exec. VP, Marketing & Communications,
    Kia Motors America

  • Our group loved the All-Star band you put together for our Welcome Dinner event - they played an eclectic mix of songs that engaged and excited the crowd. We couldn't have pulled off these elements of our meeting without your help. I would definitely work with RRFC in the future and recommend your services to other clients. It was certainly a memorable experience!"


  • "Having Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp be part of this years CompHealth Symposium was fantastic. Our clients are still raving about the event. The rock stars were fabulous to work with. We will definitely work with RRFC on future events."

    Nancy Holman, CMP, Director of Corporate Meetings and Events,
    CHG Healthcare Services

  • "The band was amazing and Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp pulled off the event in a very professional manner. I highly recommend them..."

    Brian Dumaine,

  • "Team Rock Stars was the perfect program for our partnership appreciation event! It offered something for everyone including a unique and unforgettable moments with amazing rock stars that will last a life time!"

  • "GE Transportation held its annual leadership meeting in Erie, PA. During the course of this two-day event, we contracted Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp to engage our 220 executives in a half day corporate training rock and roll camp. While I was skeptical at first, the planning, execution and final product made me a firm believer in their process for delivering a high quality, interactive and exciting team-building program. While the ten teams took several different approaches to the task at hand, the end product, the performance presentations in front of the entire GE Transportation team, was consistently outstanding. Upon reflection our experience with the corporate training group of RRFC was educational, creative, stimulating and fun. I would recommend this training experience to any industrial or service industry executive as a way to promote team building within your organization."

    Lorenzo Simonelli - CEO
    GE Transportation

  • "Right from the start, you and your team made sure the program was the right fit for our group, and worked hard to ensure the end result met all our needs. (Both from an organizational stand point and from the view point of our attendees.) The Rock n Roll experience was a bit of a stretch for our typically conservative group but you delivered an experience they will not forget. We had over 120 leaders participate in the camps and I know they were even amazed at what they accomplished."


  • "I am just back in the office, and I wanted to drop you a note to express my gratitude to both of you for an absolute once in a lifetime experience!! Without the two of you, I know that my chances of playing with 6 legends (including my 80's hero Kip Winger) would not have happened!!! I still can't believe that it happened, and still can't wipe the perma-grin from my face. The rock stars were all so engaging and humble. They are all perfect for what you are doing. I am going to be your best sales person moving forward, and will recommend the rock camp to groups as the best team building I've ever experienced. Not just because of my personal experience, but because it allowed for a bonding experience with the clients that were in my group --that created an instant relationship that I will be able to call on at anytime! Thank you all did a phenomenal job. The program was superbly run, and all of your team could not have been nicer or accommodating. I hope to see all of you some time in the near future...please let me know when you are coming to town."

    George Allen, Director of Sales,
    Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa
    La Jolla, California

  • "Our employees absolutely loved the event you had put together for us. The entire process was flawless... It was a great opportunity to see everyone's creative side, and it brought us closer together as a team.


  • "People are calling it one of the best events they've ever attended"

    Srikant Sastry
    National Managing Principal, Advisory Services
    Grant Thornton

Our Experienced Team


Rock and Roll Fantasy camp is entering its 20th year of turning everyday people into "Rock Stars." After seeing how the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp experience affected our clientele, we decided to bring a program that offers the same take-aways to the corporate world, for their employees and clients. That was the reason behind creating TEAM ROCK STARS. For over 40 years David Fishof has booked major acts for corporate events, forging amazing relationships, but was disappointed in the audience response. What he observed is that only half of the participants were actually watching the band; the others were standing around in the back, talking to each other, not paying attention to the stage. He also saw the costs of these corporate shows going over many company budgets. "I felt I could bring a musical experience into corporate America that would be engaging and have 100% of the participants involved, and at the same time revving the company up. "Everyone has two businesses---their own business and show business. A performance experience is in many people's hearts and desires. I've even written a book, called Rock Your Business, that went to number one on Amazon." Team Rock Stars is David's passion to see companies grow and get motivated by today's top touring rock stars.

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