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  • "You've got a fan of this for life, David and I know it won't be the last time I do this camp. Thanks for putting together such a great event and my thanks as well to your staff who made it feel like it was more than just a job to them - but a real passion and love and desire to connect with the people who came to camp."

    Bob S.

  • "The entire experience was a lesson in people. The secret of living is giving. At the end of my first camp, I cried because it was over. This time, I smiled because it happened."

    Kristen H.

  • Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp Testimonials
  • "I have participated in 3 camps and the experience keeps improving. I meet great people, learn not only musical skills, but also life skills that transfer and enhance my personal and business development. And the awe factor is beyond words. I have played with some of the best and most successful musicians on the planet and have a treasure trove of memories that will keep me smiling. And, most importantly, I have meet some terrific people in my the bands I have played in and have the great pleasure and honor to now call them my friends. Tough to beat and I will be back."

    Bill T.

  • "I want to thank EVERYONE at rock'n'roll fantasy camp for making our visit the most memorable expierence of our life. Words can not describe the feeling of warm and welcome in your facility. From beginner to advanced you made everyone feel welcome. Thank you for the memories! Rock On!!!!!"

    Brenda M.

  • "We have many thanks to the RRFC staff, drivers, and rockers who brought us backstage into the world of rock-n-roll! Performing with Gene Simmons, Bruce Kulick, Sebastian Bach, Lita Ford, and more leaves us speechless and grateful. Rock N Roll is in our souls and we thank you for letting us share it. We hope Rock Fantasy Camp goes global!"


  • "I was a RRF Camper in Jan 2007. My "counselor" was Clem Burke, drummer for Blondie. Clem and I have kept in touch on and off over the years. At the end of August, Blondie played a concert with Cheap Trick in Baltimore. Clem was kind enough to invite my wife and I to be his guest at the concert. It was a wonderful experience and doubly so as we were also celebrating our first wedding anniversary. Clem was a very gracious host, treating us like VIP's. Amazingly we shared many memories of the camp. It was a terrific experience. I never thought that my contact and realtionship with anyone from camp would last more than a month much less over three years. RRFC does form lasting and meaningful connections. I'm now a 60 year old doctor playing in a rock and roll band and hanging out with Blondie back stage. Its hard to improve on that."

    Best wishes.

    Gary H

  • "I wanted to take a moment to express my profound thanks to you for RRFC. It was exhilarating, exhausting, exciting, inspiring and anything else that's awesome and ends with an "ing." Those moments that you and your team helped create for me and all the other campers were very real and incredibly potent and they will be with me forever. And I know you know this because of your success with the camp but it can't hurt to reiterate how impressive it all is: That you've engineered a series of events that manage to put this kind of lightning in a bottle for so many people simultaneously in such a short time. Truly mind blowing.

    The crew and the process and the program and everything around it seemed to all fall together with this planned chaotic precision (if those words can even go together) that fueled the whole rock star lifestyle vibe. Your crew were amazing, the roadies were dedicated and the counselors were enthusiastic about connecting with us. And the most important thing, your entire team had excellent attitudes and appeared to really love being a part of making the wheels turn and that enthusiasm was infectious.

    Going into it, I didn't think that much could get done in three days or that much of a band experience could be had. But being compressed within those 72 hours a band was born, we bonded, we recorded, we performed and we disbanded in way that was very authentic and very powerful. I've got three new friends that I'll stay connected with from now on. And if we lived in the same city, we would no doubt continue on as a band."

    Brian L.

  • "Coming off the high of the week will be a lot like coming off the road with Stars on Ice. An incredible artistic experience combined with learning about myself and bonding with people I never would have met. You have created something amazing! Changing people's lives for the better is something we would all like to do. You have done it in a unique and bigger than life way. Everyone gets to "feel the light" in a way they never would without you. Thank you for introducing me to a part of myself I never would have known. I will never be able to find the words to properly thank you. Please know how grateful I am for the time with my band and being on stage was indescribable. You are a great man and I look forward to more camps and a lifetime of friendship."

    Scott Hamilton, Olympic Gold Medalist

  • "David.....
    Margaret and I returned home last night. I spent the entire flight in a semi awake state, listening to the music we played all week and imagined the guitar chords in my head. You have changed my life in a way I could not have imagined. I emailed my fellow band members today telling them that I have a serious case of "band withdrawal", and wish we could get up on the stage again right now. The unique experience of meeting total strangers, bonding, becoming friends and having them help me play better is what your camp is all about. Being on stage, playing with a legend like Todd Rundgren, and having the support of the audience is thrilling. Rami Jaffee is an incredibly talented and good guy to hang with, and was the perfect fit for us. We will stay in touch with him. I am hooked forever, and just hope my CBS Sports schedule doesn't get in the way of my next RNRFC. "

    Bob Fishman, CBS Sports

  • "Thank you so much for allowing my son and I to come to the camp in Hollywood. We had an awesome time, so many memories that will last a lifetime. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be able to attend something like this. Having camps like this is unique, and the experience is well worth all the time we spend practicing. Bruce Kulick was my counselor and he made me feel so welcomed, I feel like I have made lifetime friends. My 17 year old son thought he was in heaven. His room at home is now decorated in a Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp theme. Again, I want to thank you for being so kind and allowing my son and I this opportunity to spend a week together after having spent the last 5 years in Iraq and a rehab hospital following my injuries."

    Anthony Hixon

  • Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp Testimonials
  • "Hi David,

    Thank you so very much for such an outstanding experience in Hollywood. I am SO happy I called you when you added Danny Seraphine as a counselor. I had a fabulous time drumming with Danny and my fellow camper drummer. As I mentioned to you at the camp, I was a little afraid that the RRFC camp may not be as special (I attended the 2007 NYC camp) the second time around. Wow, this camp was even BETTER! Where do I start:

    1. Danny was an outstanding counselor (of course, I was in Alan White's band in NYC and he was also fantastic)

    2. My band mates were the absolute best at the camp!

    3. I played "I'm Your Captain" and many other GFR hits with Mark Farner, "Crying" with Steven Tyler, "Tax Man" with Todd Rundgren and "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" with Duff McKagan. Can you believe that?!

    4. The drummers that you and Billy brought to the camp had to be the best line up ever! Hal Blaine's Q&A was great, the drum off was unbelievable, and Carmine Appice's master class was the best!

    5. The Q&A's with Hal, Steven and Todd were great.....very candid, insightful and the stories were really entertaining.

    6. And last, but certainly not least, I had a fantastic time at Capitol studios recording with Eddie Kramer. It was sure apparent while he's considered the best. I'm really looking forward to hearing our song (the drum parts that Danny helped us work out should be pretty cool)

    There were so many other memories that I just can't list them all. It's amazing that you can pack that much fun in 5 days.....it's truly non stop. David, don't ever underestimate the 5 days of magical memories that your camps give us rockers, young and old alike. I'm already looking forward to my next camp, probably in 2010 and I think 2 of my Hollywood band mates may join me. So enough babble from me, I'm back in the real world and looking forward to rocking out with you again soon.

    Take care and thank you so very much!"

    Joe Cooper

  • "I wanted to reach out and let you know what an incredible experience I had over the past week. As you know, this came as a complete surprise given that I learned of this on Wednesday at 1pm. I had no idea what my wife was getting me into. I must congratulate you on an amazing concept. It seemed that everyone was there for a common purpose - the passion for making music (and spending quality time with rock legends at the same time). I also found it interesting that the campers were a diverse group - from the founder of Oracle to an ordinary plumber. I did not meet anyone who wasn't blown away by their experience.

    All of the counselors were fantastic and certainly were not "caught up" in their own celebrity. Slim Jim (our counselor) was down to earth and very easy to be with. I became friendly with Rudy Sarzo, who is probably one of the nicest guys to ever play heavy metal. Unfortunately, I did not get to spend enough time with Mark Hudson, who is clearly a genius in many ways. Hopefully they will all be there when I come back (which I most certainly will). Obviously, jamming with Tyler, Duff and Rundgren were highlights, and recording at Capitol Records and jamming at the Whisky (hurry up with the CD and DVD!!!) were moments that will last a lifetime. Your staff was exceptional, warm and very accommodating.

    I hadn't picked up my electric guitar in over 10 years and had only fiddled around with my acoustic once every few months. But after this week, I feel like music is flowing through my veins again like a Keith Richards transfusion. Thank you for creating an experience that I will never forget.


    Glen Moses

  • "Now that I am back, I wanted to express my feelings about the camp before I re-enter the real world... MAGIC. From the moment I was met by the friendly staff at the hotel until I left the Whisky. The process of making lemonade. Seven strangers getting together with one counselor and whipping out a respectable performance within 5 days. Amazing! It felt a little bit like jury duty - but a lot more fun. The practices were intense but worthwhile. My fellow band members became like brothers as we pushed argued and cajoled each other to be the best we can be for 10 minutes. Rami was a breath of fresh air, with his immense talent and his shiny personality. You have created a VERY special experience for people and I commend you for that. As Todd Rundgren said, we all share this love for music and that is why we were all there. That truth was not lost at all at any time. It was also gratifying to see that the counselors were regular guys just like us, with families, jobs and challenges that they need to address.

    Best regards,"

    Guy Nohra

  • "I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to give my deserving husband the gift of a lifetime. Also the opportunity to meet the stars he has followed their whole careers. You sure made me look good sending him to you and your well planned event. My only problem now is my friends ask me how am I going to top this one. I'm sure you can think of something DAVID! LOL

    As an un-attending spouse, you probably know I only came in as an extra treat for my husband to see his concert at the Whisky. He did not know I was coming in on the day of the show (can you tell I love surprising him?). The staff at the hotel were supportive and helpful in making Russ' discovery of my arrival in the lobby just perfect. They lured him downstairs by telling him he had a package he needed to sign for. They let me hide n the bell closet until he came down, at which point I came out. It couldn't have been better. Later, waiting outside the Whisky, seeing all the artists going inside was pretty impressive for me. Once the concert got started and then finally with all of the artists on stage, I was awe struck. I kept telling Russ I couldn't believe we were here so close to all the action. Wow, my treat to him turned into a big time treat for me. It was a total blast. Though I was only in town for barely 24 hours, the experience left me speechless. You couldn't wipe the smile off my face, and when I think about it even now, I just continue to smile and shake my head in disbelief. I even got to sing "Hot Legs" onstage sharing a microphone with Todd Rundgren! That's just crazy.

    You have truly given all the people who have the dream of being a rock star a chance to see what the bright lights feel like. Awesome!!!!! I tell ya, it felt damn good for my one song. I loved it and will never forget the experience.


    Cam Still

  • "Although I meet lots of legends as editor of Guitar Player, I was giddy as a kid on his first trip to Disneyland as I stood onstage with Roger Daltrey, belting out the background vocals to "I Can See For Miles" as he stood inches away singing lead. A fantasy? Duh. It was still one of the most thrilling "my life doesn't suck" moments I've ever experienced.,"

    Michael M.

  • "Roger Daltrey, Gary Burr, David Fishof, and the rest of the crew have given me so much more confidence in myself and my music. I feel that I am leaving a better musician. This is the experience of a lifetime. I'm definitely going for my master's degree in music education now. I can't wait to come back."

    John R.

  • "Growing up, "Free" was my favorite band. Playing in a band with Simon Kirke was a dream come true. Every person that I met, from van drivers, to staff, to counselors, and musical guests, was friendly, supportive, and focused on making this a wonderful and memorable experience"

    John S.

  • "I wanted to send you an e-mail to really thank you for the time that I had. Literally, I had the best time of my life. I got to meet my idols and actually even jam with them. It has been unreal. I thought everything was just great. The shows were amazing and the Q&A's were very informative. The jams were so much fun. Sandy was so nice and really made me feel comfortable and made things fun. I really couldn't thank you enough for the time that I had. I was trying to think of how I could express it but the truth is- I can't. I Just wanted to let you know I think what you are doing for people like me is life changing. It's something that without you could never happen and it's such a great thing that you're doing this. Thanks again."

    Justin H.

  • "Once again I am compelled to offer my heartfelt thanks for your generosity. If you, at any time during the RRFC experience witnessed my son Justin's face, you are quite aware of the joy he encountered throughout. As a parent, you know what that means to my family. We shall all carry these memories with us forever. Thursday night I had approximately 20 family members, not to mention several friends besides, who had the time of their lives.

    Congratulations on pulling off an amazing event."

    Jeffrey H.

  • "I wanted to personally say thanks to you and your staff for a fine job last Sunday at your first one day Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp in Columbus, Ohio. Since I live in Cincinnati, it was convenient and an easy one day trip.

    I can't say enough about how much I appreciated the memorable experience...and more importantly, the opportunity to meet some of the best in the business. I expressed my gratitude to many of the artists, but never had the opportunity to personally thank you. Please accept my most humble thanks, and you have my deepest respect for the quality event you orchestrated.

    I shared a brief story with Mark Farner, when I told him I attended one of "Grand Funk's" concerts in 1971 at the old "stadium" in Chicago... he smiled and said "that used to be the old stockyards...right?" and I laughed and said "yes, what a place". Never did I ever realize in my wildest dreams that some 35 years later we would be together reminiscing a moment in time when I was only one of about 25,000 fans in the audience, in awe of such a great band. That about says it all... and I have many other similar moments with the other artists last Sunday that I will never forget.

    Thanks again for making this event a reality! You are a Prince in my book!

    Best regards,"

    Ed J.

  • "I found the London camp very well organized and so full of great talent. The counselors and the special guests- I think you have outdone yourself with this one. It was beyond words meeting and playing with these great artists. Being in Abbey Road Studios was the most amazing thing to me. Being able to say that I have recorded at Abbey Road is almost surrealistic. Personally, to be able to play with my counselor, Jamie Moses, was a real thrill. He was a great counselor and in such a short time, I have learned a ton. Spending time with Jack Bruce, Bill Wyman, Gary Brooker, Randy Bachman, Paul Carrack and Jon Lord - totally speechless. The tour of Liverpool was amazing. Seeing all the places where the Beatles lived and performed- what a thrill. The night playing in the cavern- and experience I will not forget. All in all, this experience rates right up there with the best in my life so far."

    Bill McDonald

  • "I just wanted to take moment and write you a note about this year's LA camp. Bravo! Teddy is a natural born counselor, because he loves people, is funny, unbelievably talented, and is aptly named, because he is a big teddy bear. He takes away the fear of failure. That's a very important thing if you want to realize your fantasy. You will never make a mistake by including him in your counselor staff. I love Spike Edney. He's going to be great in London. And Paul Stanley is a class act, all the way. He has single handedly made me a KISS fan. He treated us like rock stars, and performed as though he felt honored to be playing with us. He's one of the best headliners you've ever had!

    So, to put it succinctly, good job, good job, good job."

    Debbie Rudy

  • "This past week in Las Vegas for the Sammy Hagar camp was truly a wonderful and amazing experience! Such talent both from the pro's and the campers is inspiring. The crew from Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp are all great people who out their heart and soul into making sure Great times were had by all. The new facility in Las Vegas is fantastic! Smiling faces all around and of course lots of Rock n Roll Horns thrown up in the air."

    Paul F.

  • "Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp is an amazing experience which is why most campers including myself, come back again and again!"

    Brian T.

  • "I can't begin to describe how much rock camp exceeded my expectations. The other musicians were all great players and the counselors were awesome. Everyone was so friendly and fun to hang out and play with. Meeting and playing with Sammy Hagar and Steve Vai was a once in a lifetime experiences. Spending five days and nights playing with my band and more importantly under the direction of our incredible counselor the great Billy Sheehan was simply too cool to describe. Yes I will be back."

    Chuck L.

  • "Best time I've ever had!! Anyone that loves music should attend!! The staff, counselors & guest appearances where amazing!!"

    Stephen R.

  • "I am just home now from the October Camp at MGM.Yet another mind blowing camp. Standing with Zakk Wylde beside me on stage and having Gene Simmons spend so much time with us - speechless.

    What a great person Sebastian Bach was and Vince Neill - well how can you top that. The camp was very busy as we performed many nights at the lounge in the casino. This was a lot of fun and a great experience.

    Your new facilities are amazing. All the counselors and support staff were excellent as usual. Kip Winger is the best - he did such a great job of everything.You certainly do a great job with the camps."

    Bill M.

  • "Thank you for such an amazing experience. RRFC Feb 2010 in LA was more than I had hoped for. There were the incredible moments with the great band I played with (Jeff Foskett and the Wild Oates) - jamming with Michael Anthony, singing "We Just Disagree" for you and Dave Mason and our Opening Day, Gibson Showplace and Closing Night performances. Those were awesome. I also was blown away by the fantastic intimacy of the Master Classes I attended with Mark Farner, Ron Nevison, Jeff Foskett, and Billy Sheehan. My master class/voice lesson with Kip Winger was incredible - that boy has some pipes! He taught me some great techniques that will really help me to save my voice and improve my singing. All of them were so generous with their thoughts, guidance and stories from their experiences that it was invaluable.

    Of course, Mark Farner was a force to be reckoned with. The campers and counselors alike were amazed at his energy, showmanship and genuine kindness. What an inspiration! And, having the opportunity to sing with him on "I'm your Captain" and "We're An American Band" during master class was unbelievable! So glad I had my camera and video to capture it all.

    What I enjoyed most of all was the bonding and human experience. Meeting and becoming fast friends with Steve from Finland, Victoria from UK, Nick the disabled vet, Michael, Chris, Ed, and so many more is by far the most valuable take-away for me. We all experienced an amazing week together and bonded in a way that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. The joy in everyone's eyes and the feeling of pure love of the experience was palpable, and through Facebook I've been able to stay in touch with many of my fellow campers and your staff so I can share the pictures and videos that I took. This was the best part of all.

    To your staff - they were just as amazing and made the camp experience that much more pleasant by being so attentive and looking out for all of us.

    I loved Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp, and can't wait to do it again! It will remain as one of the greatest joys of my lifetime."


    Geno O.

  • Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp Testimonials
  • "I'm back in London where the skies are grey and the ground is damp. And my fingers still blistered from rock'n'roll! I had a great time - maybe too good a time as after 2 days I forgot all about my day job and was 100% committed to my band, the "Coney Island Whitefish." I feel very lucky to have had Sandy who was a brilliant counselor... I really enjoyed his company. Mark Hudson is also priceless. It was a privilege to have been there - I can fully understand why people return again and again. Really look forward to seeing the DVD and re-living the memories - the whole week was an absolute blast!"

    Simon G.

  • "Once again it was a thrill of a lifetime to go to another camp- they keep just getting better. Steven Tyler, Duff McKagan, Todd Rundgren - absolutely mind blowing. It was such a thrill to meet and play with them - WOW My counselor was Danny Seraphine - what a great person. He is a great musician - so much positive energy. All the other counselors were also spectacular - just a word on Rudy Sarzo - what a nice person and great musician. Steve Lukather - what can you say - WOW, WOW can he play. And Mark Farner - is he really 16 years old - so much energy!! My band mates were out of this world - this made the experience even more pristine. I would play with this group anywhere. Recording at Capital records with Eddie Kramer - what an experience - we even recorded one of my songs. Celebrity chef - Guy Fieri - another great person and chef - the food was beyond words. The venue of the Whisky A Go Go was stellar - great stage and good monitors. All in all, I must say what a spectacular job you and your staff do with these camps - just keeps me wanting to come back for more. Special thanks to Courtney for all her hard work."

    Bill McDonald

  • "When I first heard of Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp, last summer, it took me about one minute to make a decision to register. I stayed excited with anticipation during the preceding months. My family joined my excitement; they know my love of performing music and share the passion. From the first day of camp, I felt like a kid again. The years of stress, associated with my career, vaporized. I left my cell phone in my hotel room and never once checked messages or checked in with my office. Some might think it irresponsible, though for me, it worked. I was totally relaxed and happy. I was "away from it all" and doing something I truly love.

    My wife and kids arrived in Los Angeles the night before our House of Blues performance, to attend the show. When I first saw them, my 16 year old daughter, Emma, made the comment: "I have never seen Dad so happy." She was absolutely right...it was emotional...I was living my dream. I can't say enough great things about Kip Winger, my band's counselor, or my band mates. They are all very special people that made my Camp experience complete. Was the Camp worth it? To say "ABSOLUTELY" would be an understatement. It was the best investment I have ever made. When I returned to my office, I overheard my staff saying "We have never seen him so relaxed... look at his energy...he needs to go back to that camp more often!" I definitely will."

    Alan D.

  • "David,

    You nailed it! I DID feel like a Rock N Roll star by the time the last day came around. That's what's supposed to happen, right?

    The experience itself is AWESOME! Everyone I spoke to in LA at the Camp had a fantastic time. Everyone I speak to about it back home in NY is insanely jealous of me. The value one receives from your program is on many levels.

    Anyway, the Camp stimulated my creative juices, and I can't wait to see all the videos and photos and DVD!

    Talk to you very soon!"

    Francesca Bonavita, Executive Vice President & General Manager, American Express Vacations

  • "You have, as you do regularly, delivered on the promise of a truly spectacular experience. Hitting the wall of regular life-after-the-fact, I will savor the experience indefinitely. More importantly, you should know that my experience with Mark Hudson made this experience particularly special. Mark is a treasure. I learned more from him than any individual since my days as a surgical resident, and even then, this was over a series of days as opposed to years. He is a delight to learn from and he is a genuine educator - a musician's musician. Please know that, as someone who relies heavily on a team approach in my business, you have assembled an effective, pleasant and altogether professional group, which you should be very proud of.

    Again, many, many thanks for doing what you do and doing it so well. You have truly created something special."

    Jonathan M. Weiswasser

  • Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp Testimonials
  • "There are no superlatives to describe my current emotions about my experience at "band camp". Being a surgeon I know what it feels like to be treated with genuine respect and awe and that's NOT what camp is to me. It was the sense of a shared experience of a common passion with just the right amount of ego and competitiveness thrown in. I am usually exceedingly "constructively" critical but have really nothing to add to your current recipe. I think you have it all balanced about as best as you can. Thanks for what you have chosen to do


    George R Merriman II

  • "Where do I begin ... this is our second camp, and as always the counselors were amazing, especially "slavedriver Kulick" who whipped my husband into shape and brought out in him something he never knew existed. He has been playing guitar for 30 years but was always the one to stand sheepishly in the corner. By the end of camp, Bruce had him sing (we never knew he could sing - let alone AC/DC). Thanks for being a "Dream maker".

    All the Best,"

    Jaime Nichols

  • "I was completely unproductive in the office today still riding high from the experience! It was a blast playing a great venue. I was in Kip Winger's Band "Hey Nancy" and we opened the Boston show. Kip was ultra cool and a great leader .My fellow band mates and I are already exchanging emails reliving the whole experience. Thank you for all your hard work to make this a success. It did not go unnoticed. Please pass on my "thanks" to Kip as well. All the best!"

    Jim L.

  • "I want you to know that Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp was really one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Other than my family and winning some cases, it was the best."

    Eric L.

  • "Since the end of August camp I have wanted to send a thank you note, but I keep finding it hard to write a perfect thank you for such an excellent experience. I have been lucky enough to have had many great experiences in my life, something I am sure most other campers could echo. As you know, I was a bit hesitant on deciding to attend Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp but now I recognize it as being probably the coolest week I have ever had. I learned things about music but I also learned some things not necessarily related to music.

    I spent the first days after camp inundating my friends with stories from camp. I wake ever day thinking of our band's songs and singing them over and over in my head. In fact, I am dreaming of the day our band can get together and play our original song again. I never really anticipated such a result. All of my friends are asking when they can hear the song!

    I have been involved in organizing business meetings both for content and logistics. David, I have to say that you and your staff have done an excellent job! Your entire team worked very hard and it showed! I actually have a hard time imagining the logistical nightmare but I witnessed your team handling the normal to the surprises with a smile. I loved being involved in that atmosphere.

    You have some great counselors. I saw a lot of coaching and openness. Our specific counselor, Mark Slaughter was excellent. Not only was he a great person, but he has the fantastic musical talent and the ability to work with people to develop theirs.

    I can understand why you have been successful in this business. Congratulations on a job well done and I hope to see you at another camp in the future.

    Best Regards,"

    Tim H.

  • "I want to thank you for an incredible week at the New York RRFC. Your staff, the counselors, and the folks at Ultrasound and Gibson Hit Factory put together an incredible experience. Having attended the February 2006 camp, I had high expectations, and I must say the New York camp exceeded them in every way. When I got home, I didn't want to forget any of the memorable things that happened there, so I began to write it down... before I knew it I had over ten typed pages, and I still don't think I captured it all.

    It was great to spend a week surrounded by campers and counselors who all have the same love for playing rock music, and my band mates and I were kindred spirits in that regard. I had the pleasure of playing with them and our multi-talented counselor Kip Winger all day, and then the added thrill of joining other counselors and campers for jamming each night. The busy schedule kept me playing night and day, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. I loved your quote: "You can sleep when you're dead!"

    Recording the original at Sirius was an excellent event. Our other guitar player decided to sing on the original rather than play, so Kip played guitar with me. Having the opportunity to play with someone of Kip's caliber throughout the day in practice and when we recorded it was unbelievable. Kip is an amazing musician and also a great guy. The BB King's venue was a great place for the final show. I thought all of the bands sounded good, and the staff and stage crew made it easy for all of us. Thanks again for an experience that I will truly remember for a lifetime. I'm certain that at some point in the future, I'll return for another RRFC.

    Best Regards,"

    Dan L.

  • Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp Testimonials
  • "I have recovered & have gone back to the real world ... it's a little like Batman turning back into Bruce Wayne. The musical experiences & memories you helped create at fantasy camp were so strong that they will remain with me the rest of my life. I will never forget the feeling of rehearsing & performing on stage with Jon Anderson.

    The connection I made with my Hudson River Band mates was strong and somehow remains so... it seems like we were/are connected not only by musical interest but by friendship too.

    Rock & Roll Regards,"

    Jim L.

  • "I have put off writing to you to thank you for one of the best experiences of my life - the One Day Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp- because if I write about it, then I have to acknowledge that it's over! I had the time of my life. I was very impressed with the organization of the camp, the helpfulness of your staff, and the extra efforts that went in to making sure that each of us had the best experience possible.

    I am especially appreciative of the openness of each of the camp counselors. They truly gave us a gift by sharing with us their passion for music, their incredible talents, and their encouraging advice to challenge us to live out our fantasies. I wish the day never ended!

    You and your staff have the best jobs in the world...making people very, very happy. Without a doubt, I am a very happy camper! Best wishes and I look forward to attending a 5 day Fantasy Camp in the future!"

    Linda B.

  • "Please accept my thanks and congratulations for the one day camp in Columbus Ohio. It was certainly a day to remember! From the early call time to the end of the Def Leppard show it was an immersive and wonderful music opportunity. Everything was professional and well planned and I could not have asked for a better experience. The members of your staff were all professional, friendly and accommodating and should be commended as well for their fantastic performance and attitude. The celebrity counselors were gregarious and very generous with their time tales tales of the business. They are truly a wealth of rock and roll war stories. Again, many thanks for a great experience. I am confident that you will see me again. Best Regards,"

    Mark P.

  • "I just wanted to thank you for the whole RRFC experience; I really felt like a rock star for a while. I also wanted to tell you that Jane Weidlin is the most nicest, gentle, warm hearted, fare, lovable, person I have ever met and she made this whole experience for me AND my wife the best time of our lives. I relive those memories in my head as often as my mind will allow me to escape daily life.

    Thanks for all of the unbelievable memories!"

    Alfie Casares

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