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The Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp: ULTIMATE GUITAR EXPERIENCE is a program designed for adult musicians to promote the growth and development of your guitar and musical skill set.

Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp has been providing unique access to rehearse, jam and perform with top names in the rock industry for 26 years.  Our all new Ultimate Guitar Experience breaks all-new ground by providing an educational approach.

Ultimate Guitar EXPERIENCE is a once in a lifetime event where you will experience a hands-on approach from well-known musical teachers and artists... Buddy Guy, Nancy Wilson and more.

With Special Guests:

  • Buddy Guy

  • Nancy Wilson

You don't have to be an expert guitarist! All skill levels are welcome. We will place you in a group that will accommodate your personal style, level of experience, and musical goals. We have created a healthy, non-competitive, and supportive environment in which to learn.

Each day consists of morning and afternoon classes that involve a hands-on approach, late afternoon clinics, and evening jam rooms. You'll tips from the pros in our exclusive MASTER CLASSES by some of the greatest touring musicians in the world.

Our THREE-DAY WEEKEND immersion in guitar allows Ultimate Guitar EXPERIENCE attendees to gain a new level of skills and confidence with the goal of becoming a better player...faster.

Ultimate Guitar EXPERIENCE will also give you the opportunity to grow your skill set side by side with the other attending Rock Stars and hang out with campers and rock stars attending the camp. Plus, you'll attend the live performances at the Buddy Guy's LEGENDS.

Whether you just started playing recently and want to get started in the right direction, or you've been playing live gigs and want to further develop your skills and knowledge, you will find what you're looking for at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp's all-new Ultimate Guitar EXPERIENCE

Featuring Master Classes with:


Sign up before June 15th and add an extra day to your experience. Arrive the evening before and attend any master class on Thursday night (11/8/19) PLUS attend Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp's opening Rock Star Jam and party and Dinner. Many campers tell us this one of the highlights of their Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp experience.

Learn unique guitar techniques directly from Joe Perry.

  • Customized package for the beginner guitarist.
  • 3 days of intense, "guitar in hand" workshops, skill seminars and clinics.
  • Get personal advice to improve your playing skills from our Rock Star counselors
  • Contact with one of our professional touring musicians to discuss your upcoming experience, skill level and answer any questions
  • Become a better player, faster... with tips and techniques from instructors from the top music schools in America
  • Attend opening night party and enjoy a gourmet catered meal with all the rock star counselors, open bar, participate in all-star counselor jam
  • Attend your choice of a variety of master classes during camp given by our rock stars in exceling at your instrument, vocals, songwriting etc.
  • Opportunity to attend and participate in all-star counselor jams
  • Lunches with behind-the-scenes stories and Q and A's by our rock stars
  • Instruments: Use ours or bring your own. Amplifiers provided
  • Autographs and photos for lifetime memories.
  • Special discount room rate at host hotel
  • Attend live performance at Reggie's Music Joint
  • Ticket to live performance at Legends
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Music Theory For the Guitarist - (Reading Music Not Necessary)

Take your hands, ears and mind to a new level...go beyond tabs and how-to videos. Learn to hear notes, intervals & chords and know what and where they are on your fretboard. Open you mind to playing what you hear faster and better.

From the Circle of 5ths to Augmented 4ths...learn to create what you hear in your mind. Put your ears in orbit with a new way to look at the basics.

Practice and Warm Up Scales of the Pros.

How you warm up makes a difference...Get ready to play better, faster with the specific warmup techniques the pros use but rarely share.

Practice and Warm Up Scales of the Pros.

How you warm up makes a difference...Get ready to play better, faster with thespecific warmup techniques the pros use but rarely share.



Modes add new characteristics to your playing style. If you feel like yoursolos are in a rut, modes will put you on a new road to fresh sounding solos



Why do some players solos sound so much so that you can sing along with them? Arpeggios. Unlock the melodies hidden within the chords.


Solo Construction

Flip the way you think about your solos. Approach your leads with a new style and mental direction... get the skills you need to set your melodies on fire.


Tone and Texture

Every guitarist wants the amazing guitar tone of a rock star. How do they get it? It's not necessary what you think. Learn from top players how to get great tone.


Fast & Slow

Faster is better. Slower is better. Learn how the pros balance the speed of their licks to create the most memorable solos hear on the music you love.


Exotic Tunings

E A D G A E.... it's only ONE of the many tunings at your fingertips. Learn how to rethink the layout of the fretboard and create riffs you may never discover otherwise.


Time Signatures

4/4, 3/4... but what about 7/4? Rush, Yes, and numerous progressive rock players explored alternative time signatures and unlocked some of the most memorable songs of our time. Learn to approach exotic time signatures and unlock some hidden treasures in your guitar playing.

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